About NECK
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Christian work in Kuwait began in the year 1910 when the Arabian Medical Mission of the Reformed Church in America (RCA; opened a clinic in Kuwait, which was followed by a Men’s Hospital and later also, one for Women. As the income from oil began to increase, it soon made this ministry unnecessary, and the hospitals were closed in 1967.
In the year 1967, there existed in the State of Kuwait ten Christian organizations in addition to the NECK . The National Evangelical Church in Kuwait (NECK), formerly called the Church of Christ in Kuwait consisted of three distinct language-based congregations:

1.The English congregation (ELC), which was formally established in 1962 and maintains warm links with the RCA. It is an independent congregation within NECK.

2.The Arabic congregation (ALC), which has in the past been pastored by ministers from the Coptic Evangelical Church of Egypt and is now nondenominational.

3.The Kuwait Town Malayalee Christian Congregation (KTMCC), a malayalam congregation, which consists of different congregation from Kerala, India.

The main church building located in Kuwait city belongs to the government and is rented. We enjoy the continued positive support from the Kuwaiti people and government in favor of the NECK.At present, NECK has over 80 different congregations with of various nationalities. 
Under the present NECK governing structure, there is one common council, which is made up of representatives from the larger congregations, who are given the charge to oversee the timings of worship, use of the building, etc. Worship Services are being held in the NECK compound every day of the week, the main gatherings being - Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Since the NECK campus has various congregations under its umbrella, each congregation has its own council to deal and cater for its own church responsibilities.