National Evangelical Church Kuwait. National Evangelical Church Kuwait. National Evangelical Church Kuwait. National Evangelical Church Kuwait.

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The National Evangelical Church of Kuwait (NECK) is a unique place of worship, where, different denominations from around the world come together and worship the lord Jesus Christ in truth and in spirit. It’s a place which makes you feel as though you are closer to home. Whether you’re in Kuwait for the first time, a visit or even if you have been residing in Kuwait for a couple of months / years, you are welcome here.
From Chairman's Desk
president Dear Christian brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of God the father, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter and guide.As we tread into this next year, I am prayerful that God will continue to dwell in this place and that He will give us a deeper revelation of himself in our lives.  Let us strive to grow in the knowledge, grace, and truth of Him.  

About NECK

Christian work in Kuwait began in the year 1910 when the Arabian Medical Mission of the Reformed Church in America (RCA; opened a clinic in Kuwait, which was followed by a Men’s Hospital and later also, one for Women. As the income from oil began to increase, it soon made this ministry unnecessary, and the hospitals were closed in 1967.

In the year 1967, there existed in the State of Kuwait ten Christian organizations in addition to the NECK . The National Evangelical Church in Kuwait (NECK), formerly called the Church of Christ in Kuwait consisted of three distinct language-based congregations.

History of NECK

There are historical proofs that Christianity existed in the Gulf countries as early as the third Century A.D. It is also recorded that Qatar was Bishopric as early as 225 A.D. and Bishops from Arabia attended the Nicene Council of Bishops. The Arabian Mission (American Mission) was formed in 1889 with the objectives of missionary work, education and medical care in the Arabian Peninsula. Arabian Mission missionaries visited Kuwait in 1900 and a Bible shop was opened in 1903 in Kuwait.

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The Giants Between You and Your Dream

devotion When God gives you a dream that other people are afraid of and you go for it anyway, you will be misjudged, maligned, and misunderstood.